Goolam H. Gool

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Physician, member of the All African Convention committee, President of the NLL and politician, founder of the anti-CAD and Vice President of the NEUM

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The brother-in-law of Cissie Gool and son-in-law of Abdul Abdurahman, he was a leader in the unsuccessful challenge to Abdurahman's domination of Coloured politics in the early 1930s. Later he was a founder and member of the executive committee of the All African Convention. He became president of the National Liberation League in 1937 but was expelled the following year. In 1943 he was a founder of the Anti-CAD (anti-Coloured Affairs Department Movement) and was elected vice-chairman of the Non-European Unity Movement (NEUM). He continued to be a leader of the NEUM up to the time of his death in 1962.

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