South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU)

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SACTU Affiliates

  • African Food and Canning Workers Union (A-FCWC)
  • African Furniture, Mattress and Bedding Workers Union (A-FMBWU)
  • African Federation of Trade Unions (AFTU)
  • African Mine Workers Union (AMWU)
  • African Textile Workers Industrial Union (A-TWIU)
  • All-African Trade Union Federation (AATUF)
  • Central Native Labour Board (CNLB)
  • Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA)
  • Congress Alliance (CA)
  • Congress of the People (COP)
  • Coordinating Council of South African Trade Unions (CCSATU)
  • Council of Non-European Trade Unions (Transvaal) (CNETU)
  • Farm, Plantation and Allied Workers Union (FPAWU)
  • Federation of Free African Trade Unions of South Africa (FOFATUSA)
  • Food and Canning Workers Union (FCWU)
  • Garment Workers Union of African Women (GWU-AW)
  • Garment Workers Union (GWU)
  • Industrial and Commercial Workers Union of Africa (ICU/ICWU)
  • International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)
  • Metal Workers Union (MWU)
  • Natal Indian Congress (NIC)
  • Natal Sugar Industrial Employees Union (NSIEU)
  • National Consultative Committee (Congress Alliance) (NCC)
  • National Union of Clothing Workers (NUCW)
  • National Union of Commercial Travellers (NUCT)
  • National Union of Distributive Workers (NUDW)
  • Shop and Office Workers Union (SOWU)
  • South African Clothing Workers Union (SACWU)
  • South African Coloured People's Organisation/Congress (SACPO/SACP/CPC)
  • South African Confederation of Labour (SACOL)
  • South African Congress of Democrats (SACOD/COD)
  • South African Federated Chamber of Industries (SAFCI)
  • South African Federation of Non-European Trade Unions (SAFNETU)
  • South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU)
  • South African Railway and Harbour (Non-European) Workers Union (SARHWU/SARH(N-E) WU)
  • South African Trades and Labour Council (SAT&LC/T&LC)
  • South African Trade Union Council/Trade Union Council of South Africa (SATUC/TUCSA)
  • Transvaal Iron, Steel and Metal Workers Union (TvI IS & MWU)
  • Textile Workers Industrial Union (TWIU)

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