From the book: A Documentary History of Indian South Africans edited by Surendra Bhana and Bridglal Pachai

Some 29 people submitted the following complaint jointly to the Protector on 31 May 1909. Caste prejudices die hard, and the complaint reflects the difficulty individuals experienced in adjusting to new realities.Source: I.I. I.I1.166, 1136/09, Natal Archives.

We the undersigned Indians residing in the Alexandra division wish to bring the following grievance to your notice.

There are two Indians here of the pariah caste named Anjuru, and Munsamy brothers, who are appointed as constables.

These constables harass Hindus in many ways. Amongst others they require Hindus to salute them. This, Sir, you are well aware would not be tolerated in India, and we feel certain that if the authorities were acquainted with the behaviour of the two constables in question they would at once put a stop to it.

Some of the Indians here have already complained to your Mr. Waller about them.

These two Indians are sent out to execute writs and at other times to search our houses. We do not complain of the writs being served and attachments' made or of our houses being searched, but what we wish to point out is that if a pariah touches our things or makes an arrest we [are] polluted. They also put on airs and in many ways behave in an objectionable manner, when they are discharging their duty.

We have six other Indian constables here but they are not of pariah caste and do not harass us at all although they have been in the service a long time, while the two men in question have only been here a short time.

Some of us have even complained to our landlords and other Europeans about the conduct of these men.

We have no complaints to make against the other Indian constables namely Ebrahim Khan, the Indian sergeant, who has been here 10 years, Muniappen who has been here for 9 years, Palaniandy 7 years, Masilamoney 6 years, Parusaraman 4 years, and Binnasari 5 years, whilst Anjuru and Munsamy have only been here a short time.

Anjuru was in Umtwalumi for about two years and as there were many complaints about him, and the Trooper did not like him he was sent here to join his brother Munsamy who has been here for about one year.

As nine-tenths of the Indians in this division are above the pariah caste we hope you will take such steps on our behalf as to procure the immediate dismissal of these two constables, as for other reasons than those above stated, they are not fit persons to act as constables.