My name is Naledi Seloane from MD Coovadia Combined School a Grade 9 learner. I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your recent election as the President of the Republic of South Africa.
Ever since the dawn of Democracy in 1994 the country has witnessed numerous changes. I would like to discuss the challenges, advantages and recommendations. 


The country is facing a high rate of killing of women and children since the dawn of democracy in South Africa. Women and children live in fear. We have seen a decrease in public trust between police officials and communities. The view of the public is that police cannot assist anymore. Dockets get missing in some cases. Another serious challenge we are facing as a country, is high rate of youth unemployment. According to STATS SA, 35% of youth are unemployed in this country. The results are that youth are involved in drug abuse and gangsterism. 

We have noticed a high rate of violence in schools wherein learners are killing each other as well as educators. Generally, crime and corruption in South Africa has increased. This scares the investors to come and help our struggling economy. 


Despite the challenges that we have witnessed since the dawn of democracy, the country has also seen some positive changes. The following changes have been achieved:

•    Improved road, rail and air infrastructure. 
•    Education system improved in South Africa.
•    Feeding scheme at public schools has been introduced.
•    Health systems have been improved.
•    Constitution of the Republic of South Africa protects everyone who lives in it.


I have trust in you Mr President. I believe that with the right support, you can take South Africa forward. I would like to recommend the following as part of nation building:

•    Review of laws on offenders particularly on gender-based violence (high sentences towards offenders).
•    Strengthening community policing forums.
•    Education system should address the needs of the country (skills must be embedded at the lower grades).
•    Each school must have a social worker and a police officer.
•    The spirit of Africanism should be realized. (Borders should be removed and have ONE AFRICA).
•    Youth should be mentored through the programme of youth ministers.
•    Punitive measures must be applied to the offenders.

Mr President, if my recommendations can be implemented we can have a better South Africa. I wish you all the best in your position. I pray and believe that you will take South Africa forward.

Yours faithfully

Naledi Seloane