Ngubethole Bam J.S.S

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2426 Dutywa


22 August 2019

The President

Private bag x1000



Dear Sir


I humbly write this letter to inform you Mr President about successes, challenges and how to ensure nation building, unity and peace towards education, health and sport.
As we are celebrating 25 years of freedom and democracy, I would like to thank all the heroes and heroines who fought for our freedom and democracy.

I know that before 1994 all the good jobs were kept for the minority only, government spent a lot of money educating and equipping a white child with skills for better opportunities and development rather than a black child. Many people including schoolchildren died fighting apartheid. Through people, working together apartheid was destroyed and South Africa is now a democratic state with a bright future.
In new democratic South African government, I can see that the country is making progress in improving education. The level of illiteracy has been reduced and there is an increase in the number of students achieving matric results. The government is committed in improving the quality of teaching and learning with focus on languages, mathematics, science and technology.

South Africa is now a better place compared to 25 years ago. The indicators are the provision of houses for all, the decrease of infant mortality and death rate due to illnesses related to HIV and AIDS.
However, there is still a lack of health facilities and human resources as we still have patients who must wait for more than 24 hours to be attended by a doctor, like in my nearest hospital, Butterworth.
We also have sport, which plays an enormous role in collecting youth from the streets, strengthening unity and shows off a reflection of a South African rainbow nation. For the first time in our history, we have a black South African springbok captain Siyabonga Kolisi. Successes towards sport includes the improvement to access in sport facilities for the development of black athletes and sporting performance of South Africa. There are better opportunities and lucrative careers in entertainment industry. Thumbs up to the department of sport, arts and culture.

In order to ensure nation building, unity and peace in South Africa, sport, arts and culture seem to play a crucial role. Alas, my school has no sport facilities at all!
Although the government has improved in different avenues, there are still quite a number of serious challenges. For instance, my school with enrollment of 1792 learners being functional and progressive with no facilities and infrastructure. As we are one of the drought areas in the Eastern Cape Province, structures like borehole would make life easier for us.
I suggest that when building schools you look at progressive and functional schools with maximum participation of parents even though they are unemployed or street vendors. My school is surrounded by informal settlements, which promotes accessibility of drugs to learners. When they are under influence,they commit crimes like rape and murder to our grandmothers, mothers, sisters and even young children from the families that are child and single parent headed families (oomama, imbhokodo). There is no security and fencing in the school. Crime, violence and ill-disciplinecould be out of hands if it was not for the disciplinary measure and co-operation by the committed parents, SGB, SMT as well as dedicated teachers.
I once remember the day I went to Xolilizwe S.S.S to apply for my grade 10 schooling I was sodisappointed because in my imagination, I had a picture of awell-developed area because Nqadu is a great place where there is a Xhosa kingdom. Do kingdoms get the same privileges from the house of traditional leaders?Because the Zulu kingdom under King Zwelithini seems well off, as seen on television and that means inequality is still at play, so Mr. President I have made it my duty to make you aware that there is no tar road that lead to our royal house, I therefore invite you to take action in this regard.

We acknowledge the initiative by the government equipping the teachers by providing them with laptops, as the country is working towards 4th industrial revolution, it is addressing better ways of learning as we are generation Z. For most teachers it is impossible to go home with their laptops due to robbery, as is the case with my mom, they are kept in strong rooms at schools. Does this initiative serve the purpose intended?
Mr. President, I would like to get an honest answer from you, as the leader of the ruling party, do you think it is possible for us to have a female president in the near future? In the last 25 years of democracy, there had been only one female deputy president, she held the position as a substitution for a period of 2 or 3 years, If I remember it very well.

Fellow South Africans, patriots, we need a true rainbow nation that reflects peace, unity and reconciliation strengthened to ensure nation building. In conclusion, a democratic involvement of South African citizens in decision-making can bring about a remedy to our nation and solutions to unemployment.
You educate me as a black child, you educate the nation, as you have been sent by the people of South Africa to lead our beautiful country, you can send me my President Thuma mina my Matamela, thuma mina ndakuyela!!!

Yours faithfully

Mateza Inako