"Azikhwelwa on Monday." Flyer by Soweto Students' Representative Council calling for a stay-away from September 13, 1976

The people of South Africa are going into the third phase of their struggle against the oppressors, namely: Operation Azikhwelwa!!

The racists in our last demonstration called by the cynics a riot-lost millions of rands as a result of the people not going to work. Thus they thought of immediately breaking the student-worker alliance. They immediately called on workers to carry knobkieries and swords to marry their own children who are protesting for a right cause.

Parent workers you should take note of the fact that if you go to work, you will be inviting Vorster to kill slaughter us your children as he has done already. Vorster and his gangsters have already claimed that last week's shootings were made to protect you, our own parents, from us, your own children. You are giving Vorster a pretext of murdering us. Please do not allow Vorster to instigate you to murder your own children- let him do his dirty and murderous job without making you a scapegoat. We want to avoid further shootings-and this can be done by you keeping at home without being stopped.

We want to write Exams, but we e are not so selfish as to even if our brothers are being killed at John Vorster (John Vorster Square police headquarters). Parents, you should rejoice for having given birth to this type of a child. A child who prefers to fight it out with the oppressors rather than to be submerged in drunkenness, frustration and thuggery. A child who prefers to die from a bullet rather than to allow a poisonous education, which relegates him and his parents to a position of perpetual subordination. Aren't you proud of the soldiers of liberation you have given birth to? If you are proud, support them! Do not go to work on Monday.

Do not shiver and think that we have wasted a year. This year will go down in history as the beginning of the end of the oppressive systems, the beginning of the end of the oppressive conditions of work in South Africa.

Vorster is already talking of home-ownership for Blacks in SOWETO. This is a victory achieved because we, the students, your children, decided to shed their blood. Now for greater victories: the scrapping of BANTU EDUCATION, the RELEASE of Prisoners detained during the demos [demonstrations], and the overthrowal of oppression, we the students call on our parents to stay at home and not go to work from Monday.

Parent-workers, heed our call, and stay away from work. We the Black society have nothing to lose from Operation Azikhwelwa, but our chains. Let our oppressors tremble! The people of South Africa are resolved--in one word they will be crying: "KRUGER, RELEASE OUR CHILDREN"

" Racists We Won't Abort OUR CHILDREN by Going to Work!" "We won't MURDER Our CHILDREN With Knob-Kieries!"


When have this criminal Vorster cared for you? Didn't he order for killing of twelve [mine] workers in Carletonville? Were not dogs called when in Croesus people went in Strike? Were not pregnant women strangled and battered to near death by Vorster's police thugs at the "HEINEMANN FACTORY"?

AZIKHWELWA MADODA!!!! Kufayayo Bazali Yinile! (Don't ride, people!!!! He who goes dies, parents!]