EDITORS Mike Kirkwood and Tony Morphet, Contents: Poetry, Imprisoned by the Dictators of Apartheid Ahmed Timol considers the art of Eduardo Paolozzi by Sarat Maharaj. Two Letters: Harry Oppenheimer: Carletonville by Harry Oppenheimer, Dear Mr. Oppenheimer by Eddie Webster. Poetry by Jeremy Gordin. Articles; A Landscape Painter, Peter Strauss. Letter to the Editors by Peter Strauss. Consumer Homes or People’s Architecture by Dave Potter. Poetry, A Weekend at Mpumalanga, Nkathazo Kamnyayiza. Criticism, John Berger’s G, Peter Strauss. Poetry, Giovanni Jacopo Meditates, Douglas Livingstone. Reviews: The Elephants are Taking Driving Lessons, Christopher Hope; The Beast of Satire, Peter Strauss.