This book examines-and plays with the boundaries of-the disconcerting, discomfiting meanings that have grown around coloured identities. It attempts to rethink what it means to be coloured in post- apartheid South Africa. It argues that coloured identities are a valid part of black and African experiences, while refusing to erase their complexity and specificity. The bondedness of identities is acknowledged, yet the authors stress the ambiguity and fluidity of identity formation.   

Zimitri Erasmus, Sean Field, Pumla Gqola,Heldi Grunebaum-Ralph, Adam Haupt, Cheryl Hendricks, Shamil Jeppie, Desiree Lewis, Thiven Reddy, Steve Robbins and Craig Soudien.

Publishers: Kwela books and SAHO

Edited: Zimitri Erasmus

Soft cover: ISBN 0-7957-0136-5

Who is black in South Africa today? And who is coloured? Who is in charge of the definitions? And does it matter?