Demonstrations Against Proclamation Of Republic Answers To Questions By drum, May 196173

[Drum asked several non-European leaders for answers to three questions concerning the planned demonstrations. The following are answers of Dr. Naicker.]

Question: Do you advocate peaceful demonstrations for May 31?

Answer: The South African Indian Congress is in full support of all-in national talks, and if talks are not held, we feel that demonstrations should take place on the eve of republic day, May 31.

Question: What form should the demonstrations around Republic Day take?

Answer: There are only a limited number of actions non-whites in this country can take. Apart from mass meetings and processions, one means of making the government and the white people see the way we feel would be a general strike.

Question: What should be the aim of the demonstrations?

Answer: Our aim is to rally all our people in support of our big political objectives - the establishment of non-racial democracy based on the United Nations freedom charter.

Drum, Johannesburg, June 1961