From: South Africa's Radical Tradition, a documentary history, Volume One 1907 - 1950, by Allison Drew


1.Chairman's Address Interval 2.Speech Refreshments 3.Auction


A Play in 3 Acts (12 Scenes) and Songs Songs: "The Spark"

"7th November" (in Xhosa)

"The Earth is Good"


Scene 1. At a Dutch farm, Transvaal, 1913, just after the Native Land Act has been passed, which drove thousands of Natives off European-owned farms where they had lived as squatters.

Characters: The Farmer's Wife, Anna, a young Native girl, Stephan, the Farmer, Jan, an old Native, Ann's Father.

Scene 2. The same day, later, in Jan's hut. The Father and Mother submit to staying on at the farm as servants, but the two young people, Lukosi and Anna, make up their minds to go to town. The rest of the play shows what happens to them.

Characters: Jan, Jan's wife, Anna, Lukosi, the Son. Songs: "Kudala Sizula" "Isn't it hard to be a Black Man?"

Scene 3. In town, some weeks later, Lukosi meets his cousin, Ntombela, who is a teacher. Though he is educated, he has just as much to learn and as far to develop as Lukosi and Anna, before the three of them work with a common purpose at the end of the play. A policeman catches Lukosi, the cousin


Scene 4. In jail. Lukosi IS thrown in by policeman.

Songs: "Simple Black Man".

"Tax Song" (off stage)


Scene 1 A year or so later. Court Room. Anna is being tried for leading a crowd of women to burn their passes. Characters: Anna, Prosecutor, Judge.

Song: "The Spark" ( 1st Verse)

Scene 2 At the Mission School, we see how Ntombela is developing.

Characters: Nkomo, a middle-aged Native, his Wife, Ntombela, Tsolo, and other students, Dr. Msomi, head of the school.

Scene 3. In town, a church entrance. Characters: A white man, Lukosi, Police sergeant.

Scene 4. In a mine.

Characters: Lukosi, Nkomo. Roji, White Boss.

Song: "Dig for Gold"


Scene 1. Port Elizabeth, 1920. Ntombela in a miserable room. Since he left the mission school he has been to the mines and now he takes any work he can get in Port Elizabeth. So far, his experience has made him despair. But the appearance of Lukosi puts new life into him. Lukosi, whom experience has not crushed, has got into touch with a white organiser of workers. He persuades Ntombela to join him. Anna is in Port Elizabeth too, and Nkomo.

Song: "Tom, Tom, the Worker's Son".

Scene 2. Mass meeting of dock-workers. Characters: Lukosi, Ntombela, Anna, Nkomo, Dr. Msomi, Tsolo, Nkomo's wife and a crowd of others, Bill Martin, white organi Songs: "You Workers A11,Together Stand". "The False Leader".

Scene 3. Anna and Ntombela meet in the street. News of Lukosi's arrest.

Scene 4. Committee meeting to arrange I'or a mass meeting to protest against the arrest of Lukosi and demand his release. Anna's mother has arrived in town.

Characters: Bill Martin, Anna, Nkomo, Ntombela.

Scene 5. A room overlooking the square where a crowd of 3000 workers gathered to protest against Lukosi's arrest. Mounted police and others faced the crowd, who were not disorderly. A crowd of white men also gathered. It is not known who fired the first shot, for the order was not given. Three policemen were unhorsed, and the retreating crowd fired upon, causing many casualities. Anna is killed. From their window, the two women, Lukosi's mother and Nkomo's wife, watch the scene in the square. They do not lcavc the safety of the room which Anna has found for them. Songs: "Lament" "The International".