From: South Africa's Radical Tradition, a documentary history, Volume One 1907 - 1950, by Allison Drew

Document 92 "Communist Party of South Africa Plenum Held from 5th to 8th April 1936", Umsebenzi, and 16 May 1936


1. That this Plenum of Activists decides that immediate steps be taken to give every assistance in the formation of an Anti-Imperialist and national Liberation movement on the lines of the Programme of the National Liberation League of Cape Town, and if necessary, in conjunction with the latter, and under the slogan of "Equality, Land and Freedom".

2. That every attempt should be made to arouse the non-European people, particularly the Native people, to the significance of the June meeting of the All National Convention in the struggle against the worsening of the political, economic and social conditions of the Native and non-European people.

3. That every effort be made by the Party to bring the Convention onto a permanent organisational basis on the lines of the Programme of the National Liberation League as started in Cape Town.

4. That while this Convention or National Liberation Movement will have for its object the organisation of the non-European people for the struggle against national oppression, for every privilege denied, for land and freedom, to also undertake seriously the task of organising, industrially to struggle for a higher standard of living and better working conditions; to undertake the tasks to organise Native peasantry into peasant unions; to carry on the struggle against heavy taxation, for the cancellation of debts for land.

5. That the Party give special attention to the June All National Convention by sending out organisers to tour the country, to give to this Convention special prominence in "Umsebenzi" and through leaflets and pamphlets for wide distribution throughout the Union.

6. That no opportunity should bemissed to enlist the sympathy and support of the white toilers to strive to bring about the organisational unity between non-European and white toilers in the struggle for national and class emancipation.

7. That this Plenum decides to assist in the formation of a Farmer-Labour Party, which will have for its object to organise politically the working class, affiliated through their Trade Unions and other workers' organisations; also the political organisation of the intellectuals, poor farmers and the struggling petty bourgeoisie.

8. That under the present situation of division and lack of unity in the ranks of the black and white toilers, the Party must be a means to bring about unity of struggle in the ranks of white toilers, in particular against the capitalist offensive, against fascism and war and for the repeal of all repressive law, such as the Riotous Assemblies Act, etc.

9. To take up the struggle for better economic conditions, for the extension of democratic political rights for all people, including all civil servants on the same basis as other white citizens.

10. That the policy of the United Front Party should be democratic enough to stand for extension of equal rights for the non-European people, in particular for the repeal of such anti-democratic laws as the Pass Laws, Masters' and Servants' Act, Colour Bar Act, etc.

11. For extensive taxation against the rich capitalists and landlords.

12. That the policy of this broad united democratic front be established on the basis of political parliamentary and extra-parliamentary action.

13. That through this United Front Party the CPS, in directing its influence and activities, will bring about more unity of struggle and organisation between black and white toilers.