Sons and daughters of Africa
To me today I’m a great big mother
For today our multiracial baby is born
For today our baby that will rule this South Africa in future is born
The multiracial baby, the United Democratic Front
Which is uniting the people to speak with one voice.
Which is uniting the people to tell the truth
Which is uniting the people to say no to the Koornof Laws
Which is uniting the people to say away with the New Constitution, because it doesn’t give us freedom

We are here today to celebrate a baby that was born on this date last year when one of their mothers was in jail. I knew I had a new baby in the crib although I was in jail. I was very happy to have this baby, but unfortunately for me, it was taken away from me before I could see it. But I’m happy to say today, all those people have come to witness that that baby was born and is kicking and… . It’s marching the people to freedom.

(On coloured and Indian conscription)

“It can have many armies, but the time is up, the patience of the people has been exhausted now. We have mothers here, black and white, mothers who know what it is to bring a child into this world, mothers who know what hardships they have endured. Are we as mothers going to allow a government to plunge our country into a bloodbath?”

(In conclusion)

“I’m very happy to be one of those in the UDF, because in all these 17 years I’ve been banned it has been my wish that one day, I would get to such a gathering, a multiracial gathering, a gathering that gives me hope that this South Africa, one day, will be a just South Africa for everybody.”