Fatima Meer: Portfolio


Some of these publications were published under alias names because Meer she was banned from being published.

  • Portrait of Indian South Africans;
  • Apprenticeship of a Mahatma (Reprinted in association with Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Mauritius, 1994);
  • Race and Suicide in South Africa;
  • Documents of Indentured Labour;
  • Higher than Hope (the official biography of Dr Nelson Mandela - published in 9 languages);
  • Treason Trial - 1985;
  • Towards Understanding Iran Today;
  • Black-Woman-Worker;
  • Resistance in the Townships;
  • Power of the Powerless;
  • Factory and Family (published in two languages);
  • Apartheid our Picture;
  • Negotiation and Change - 1990;
  • Interest and Darul Harb;
  • The Ghetto People;
  • Unrest in Natal;
  • Passive Resistance - 1946:
  • A Selection of Documents;
  • The Trial of Andrew Zondo Revised Third Edition, July 1998
  • Letter to Farzanah (1979 co-author)

Editor-in-Chief of the following publications

  • Coolie Doctor,
  • Black Methodists and White Supremacy,
  • Dr Yusuf Dadoo (His Speeches and Writings),
  • Chief Albert Luthuli, (Speeches of Chief Albert Luthuli),
  • Tuberculosis and the Aged,
  • A People on Trial for Breaching Racism,
  • Monty Speaks (Speeches of Dr G.M. Naicker),
  • Codesa File,
  • The South African Gandhi [1893-1914],
  • Poverty in the 1990s:
  • The Responses of Urban Women, UNESCO and the International Social Science Council, (Paris)
  • Series of five inter-cultural children's readers in five languages;
  • "Siyahamba Siyaphambili - We are Advancing";
  • Mpondo Heritage: An Expression of Ubuntu (Sitembile Alfred Mtomtsasa Mcetywa) (July 1998)

Contributions to other publications

  • Mandela: The Myth and the Man, published in Africa Events, Volume 6, No. 3, March 1990
  • Nelson Dalibhunga Rolihlahla Mandela. The Encyclopedia of Sub-Saharan Africa, Simon and Schuster, Academic Reference Division, New York, 1994
  • The South African Elections - 1994. Institute of Race Relations, London, 1994
  • The myth of black-on-black violence. Democratic Nation-building in South Africa, Nic Rhoodie and Ian Liebenberg (eds.), HSRC, Pretoria, 1994, p365, 466pp
  • Women and Poverty in the 1990's - The Responses of Urban Women in South Africa. Poverty in the 1990's: The Responses of Urban Women, Meer Fatima (ed), UNESCO and the International Social Science Council, Paris, 1994, p13-38, 290pp
  • Gandhi: De l'avocat au Mahatma - l'exp?ence de l'Afrique du sud. Rencontre Avec l'inde, Tome 24, Le Mahatma Gandhi 125 AnnÁƒÂƒ©es, Ramakrishna S and Dasgupta A (Eds), Conseil Indien Pour Les Relations Culturelles, Shiv Shankar Mukherjee, New Delhi, 1995, p234-251, 402pp
  • The History and Meaning of Indian Cinema, Daily News, 26 September 1997
  • Contribution to "Reader in History", Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta, "Images of Gandhi", May 1998
  • The Global Crisis - A Crisis of Values and the Domination of the Weak by the Strong, Journal of Human Values, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Sage Publications, 5:1, 1999, p. 65-74

    (Above also published in "Here Now 4U - Online Magazine", Berlin, Germany, November 1999)
  • Researching on a script on the Taj Mahal involving the history of the Mogul Empire in the second quarter of the seventeenth century in collaboration with an Indo-American production team, November 1999


  • South Africa's African Youth: Current Perceptions and Future Expectations: A research project commissioned by UNESCO, based on two hundred case studies in the Durban region, with additional studies in Soweto and the Eastern Cape, Institute for Black Research, January 1994, 134pp.


  • Wrote script for film based on publication, "Apprenticeship of a Mahatma. The film was produced jointly with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (Government of India), SABC and IBR.
  • Ahimsa-Ubuntu: A dance drama on the liberation struggle focussing in particular on the Indo-African struggle, hence Ahimsa (Gandhian) Ubuntu  (African humanism). Performed in Sri Lanka and in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Chennai courtesy of ICCR in 1995
  • Completed script for six hour television drama for SABC and an international partner on "Krotoa and Jan van Riebeeck", July 1998

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