From the book: History of Muslims in South Africa by Ebrahim Mahomed Mahida

This book, History of Muslims in South Africa: A Chronology, probably the first of its kind to be published, covers almost the entire history of Muslims in South Africa - from 1652 onwards - since the time of their arrival at the Cape of Good Hope and their struggle with the Dutch East India Company, together with their socio-economic and religio-political problems until the present time.

Many years ago, the late Goolam Hoosen E Vanker [initially president, and later secretary of the Islamic Propagation Centre] had suggested publishing a book on Muslim history in South Africa. Al-hamdu lillah, I have to an extent succeeded in accomplishing this task. Sadly, G H E Vanker did not live to see its realization. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala rest his soul in Jannat al-Firdaus: Amin! I wish to record my gratitude and sincere thanks to Professor Syed Salman Nadvi, Head of the Department of Islamic Studies, University of Durban­Westville, for encouraging me in the completion of this work, and to my colleagues in the Department, Abul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim, Suleman Essop Dangor and Ahmed Farouk Vanker for their assistance, guidance and support in checking the data and editing the manuscripts. I am also grateful to Achmat Davids for reading the manuscript, especially on Cape history, and for his invaluable suggestions. My thanks also to those organisations without whose help collecting and compiling the data herein would not have been feasible. Finally, my thanks to the Moosa Paruk Family Trust of Durban for their assistance without which this publication would not have been possible. Wa ma tawiqi illa bi Allah! - Success comes from Allah alone!

Ebrahim Mahomed Mahioda Department of Islamic Studies University of Durban-Westvilieday, Monday, 12 Rabi alAwwal 1414/30 August 1993