The tragedy that has befallen the people of Mozambique is without parallel in the history of the independent Africa.  It is a tragedy that has shocked and stunned progressive mankind.  It is a staggering blow to African people and especially to the people of southern Africa, a blow that is felt most intensely by the African National Congress and the entire oppressed and democratic people of South Africa, a tragedy they can never forget.  Our leader, comrade-in-arms, and brother, Samora Moises Machel, President and Marshal of the People's Republic of Mozambique, President of the FRELIMO Party, one of the most outstanding leaders of our continent, one of its best brains, an unsurpassed fighter who fought to turn southern Africa into a liberated one of humanity, this great fighter has been killed by the only enemy who stands to gain by his death, the apartheid regime of Pretoria and its agents.

     President Machel fell in the cause of (word indistinct) to mankind.  He was accompanied to his death by his great countrymen and by nationals of countries in the struggle against apartheid South Africa.  On behalf of the African National Congress, the masses of South Africa, and on my own behalf, I send heartfelt condolences to the Mozambican nation, Graca Machel, and the children, as well as to the bereaved families of the deceased.  The Mozambican people will yet again rise to the challenge of the hour, and use this great tragedy to execute a great leap forward.

     A Luta Continua; Venceremos.