We wish, Sir, to place on record that the United Nations has this year shown a new firmness and determination in the handling of the South African question. We wish to express our deep appreciation of the unequivocal stand of the United Nations on many issues affecting our struggle against apartheid.

    The vigilance and swift reaction of the Special Committee on Apartheid, and its detailed, up-to-date and comprehensive reports deserve special commendation.

    We welcome the unanimous demand by the United Nations General Assembly that all political prisoners should be released and their trials abandoned. The murder of Vuyisile Mini, Wilson Khayinga and Zinakile Mkaba in the face of this clear demand by the General Assembly and the Security Council and in total disregard of your own appeals are sufficient proof of the suicidal intransigence of the South African white minority Government.

    The time has come to indict those countries which for the sake of profit have encouraged and aided the inhuman excesses perpetrated by the racist Government of Verwoerd in South Africa in pursuance of policies that constitute a serious threat to peace in Africa and the world.

    It is, therefore, our hope, Sir, that the New Year will see United Nations action of a kind which will unavoidably force the racialists in South Africa to heed world opinion and surrender political power to the majority of the people. Only so can mankind avert the unspeakable tragedy of the racial conflict which the South African Government is fomenting so assiduously.

    With the sincere wishes of the African National Congress and the oppressed people of South Africa for a successful New Year in your great work,

                                              Yours faithfully,

                                            (signed) O.R. Tambo

                                   Deputy President, ANC (S.A.)