“no Room For Racialism At Natal University”: Statement, June 195651

[The most unscientific and blatantly racialistic statement made by Dr Malherbe, Principal of the University of Natal, alleging that the African was “totalitarian at heart and used to an ideology of tyranny” and that his history under such kings as Shaka AND Dingaan showed this, was severely criticised and condemned by Dr G. M. Naicker, President of the Natal Indian Congress, in a statement to New Age.]

While in the herrenvolk climate of South Africa Dr Malherebe’s pronouncements can be understood, and he is entitled to hold such views with the ‘intellectual elite’ of Stellenbosch, it is most disturbing when one considers the position Dr Malherbe holds..

The general reaction to his views among the Non-White people of Natal is that there is enough racialism in the Union already and there is no room for it at a multi-racial university if that university is to develop the true traditions of tolerance and university.

Dr Melherbe’s observations are inaccurate and without any historical basis whatsoever. On the contrary African National Congress in particular, is democratic in concept. Dr Malherbe will do well to study the Freedom Charter, drafted and adopted at the initiative of the ANC, to see the trend which African nationalism is taking today.

Notwithstanding the bigoted racial theories openly advocated by Afrikaner nationalism as represented by the South African Government, I have still to hear a single African spokesman making sweeping generalisations and condemning the whole Afrikaner people as totalitarian etc., on a racial basis, as Dr Malherbe has done in respect of the African people.

If Dr Malherbe in fact does hold the view attributed to him in the press then he will serve himself, the University of Natal, the Non-White people and all true democrats in this Province well by tendering his resignation from the post he now holds.

New Age, Cape Town, June 28, 1956.