Helen Joseph is one of the most well-known South African women to campaign against apartheid. Her autobiography is being published on her 81st birthday and is a worthy successor to her two earlier books, If This be Treason (1963) and Tomorrow's sun (1966). One of the accused in the infamous Treason Trial of the 1950s, and the first person to be placed under house arrest, she continues despite bannings, gaol, and police harassment to campaign tirelessly for freedom and justice for all people in South Africa

This is her story. A deeply moving account of her 30 years involvement in the struggle of the South African people: what she saw and learned, and the joy and pain of being part of it. But it is the story, too, of all those South African men and women who fought side by side against the harsh laws, brutal repression and injustices of apartheid: the rank and files, the famous and the almost forgotten who have given their lives to build a free and democratic South Africa.

As the people of the Black townships continue to confront the South African Police and armed forces, this book is a contribution to their courageous history by a woman who is herself a part of that history.

“a history of struggle told from it's heart” Tribune

“A testimony to all who have fought, and continue to fight, for basic human rights for all in South Africa. Energy, optimism and pride prevail, despite tremendous personal adds” Everywoman

"Fascinating reading for anyone interested in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa as well as an inspiration to all those who face repression the world over" David Steel

Part 1

Chapter 1 - Twenty thousand strong we marched

Chapter II - Partners in protest

Chapter III - My very ordinary life

Chapter IV - Becoming an activist

Chapter V - South Africa belongs to all who live in it

Chapter VI - HEAR US!

Chapter VII - Democracy?

Chapter VIII - Treason - South African style 1

Chapter IX - Treason - South African style 2

Chapter X - Trial by detention

Chapter XI - Witness for freedom

Chapter XII - Can we be free?

Chapter XIII - Journey to the banished

Chapter XIV - End of an era

Chapter XV - House arrest

Part 2

Chapter I - Learning to live a half life

Chapter II - More of the same

Chapter III - The world outside

Chapter IV - A meaningful life

Chapter V - Acts of conscience

Chapter VI - A strange kind of gaol bird

Chapter VII - The 1980’s

Chapter VIII - The Mandela’s – family extraordinary

Chapter IX - Return to my faith

Chapter X - Final word