Contents and Contributors

comment-AW Oliphant,
Fragments of a dream by Zachoriah Rapola,
The House of Raydon by Patrick Sekhula,
Independence by EM Macphail,
Those who stayed by Farieda Khan,
A Brief Visibility by Gavin du Plessis,
Diary From a Sanitorium by Fred Khumalo,
The Forbidden Fruit by Jerome Morrison,
Blues in Calypso by Phedi Tlhobolo,
The Three Hundred and Sixty Dollar Tissue by Steven Brimelow,
Morning Samba by Phedi Tlhobolo,
Topic van Jueluit by Monageng Mogapi,
Two Poems by Susan Mathieson,
Blessed be the poor in the new world order by Timothy Homes,
In the body of the Eath by Lesego Rampolokeng,
Over this long road by Sterling D Plumpp,
Enjeman by Desiree Lewis,
Secrecy by Shoba Mthalane,
Now I live by Makhandla Senzangakhona,
Three Haikus by Dennis Brutus,
Mkhozi by Walt Oyi-Sipho ka Mteiwa,
that sound by Sam Hallar,
Two Poems by J Kelly,
Two Poems by GS Cuminsky,
The Last Embrace by Mashupye Ratale Kgopala,
Sexual Politics and 'Free' Women in A Dangor's The Z Town TRilogy by Jabulani Mkhize,
The Viabilty of Grassroots Cultural Organisations by Junaid Ahmed,
A Case for Motsisi by Bruno van Dyk,
Threnody of the South Easter by Gavin Kruger,
Two Poems by Michael Titlesand,
Today, Kismos By Dev Naidoo,
Two Poems by DEv Nadooi,
Ideological War by Joan Metelerkamp,
Two Poems by Mboneni Wangu ike Muila,
Two Poems by Judith Sternberg,
Two poems Makhanda Senzangakhona,
Two Poems by Mary-Rose Hendrikse,
Stinking System by Gamakhulu Diniso,
Realism and the African Novel by Mbulelo Vizikhungo Mzamane,
A new Beginning for SA Poetry by Dirt Klopper,
A Photograph of the Helen Joseph Womens Hostel, Alexandria,
A Painting of Still Life with mirrors by Carel-Brink Steenkamp,
Details of above,
Promised land by Martin Steyn,
Details of above,
Dancer by TS Kabiba,
By That Time by Helen Sibidi,
Ivory Towers by Jonathan Comerford,
Jan with Crosse by Carel-Brink Steenkamp,
Traitors by Lauryn Arnott,
Self Portrait Lucky Madonsela