Contents and Contributors

Stories: Hot Beans by Mongane Serote; Mineworking by Gregg Latter; During the Trial by Steve Jacobs; Go Home Simpasa by Sy Moya; Have you seen Sticks? By ThamSanqa; Lone Black Woman by Morongwana; A Gift For Rajendra by Jayapraga Reddy.  Features: The Story of a Black Blind Worker by Elda Oliphant; Staffrider Profile; Lucas Seage interviewed by David Koloane; Music Profile, memories by Klippie Moeketsi; Drama Section, The Babalaz People by Matsix; Staffriders Speaking, Black writers: Mothobi Mutloatse, Miriam Tlali, Sipho Sempamla and Jaki Seroke; Saffriders Workshop The Stories of Mtutuzeli Matshoba by Mike Vaughn. Gallery and Graphics: Thami Mnyele; Mpikayipheli; Kay Hassan; Tim Quirke; Farouk Stemmet; Theresa Buys; Gamakhulu Diniso; Goodman Mabote; Jacqui Nolte. Photographs: Paul Weinberg; Judas Ngwenya; David Koloane; Mabu Nksdimeng. Front cover: Miriam Zenzi Makeba, photo by Edoard Coffi