The recent invasion of Angola by South African troops is the most dangerous crisis faced by Africa since the United States intervention in the Congo (Leopoldville)(2) and later the invasion of Guinea by fascist Portugal. Then, as now, the forces of imperialism intervened to try to turn back the moment for Africa's liberation and the achievement of genuine independence for its peoples.

South Africa is today the centre of the counter-revolution against Africa. Imperialist designs to obstruct the struggle for liberation in Angola and the rest of southern Africa will converge on Pretoria to take advantage of the economic and military strength of the Vorster fascist regime.

For their part, the South African ruling classes have calculated that their own survival as oppressors, exploiters and racists hangs, among other factors, on their ability to reverse the successes of the MPLA in Angola. In their criminal invasion of Angola, they are continuing from where their fascist ally, Caetano, left off. This time they have found new and surprising allies.

The South African regime has a two-pronged strategy for perpetuating imperialist domination in southern Africa. On the one hand, it maintains violent repression within its domain, and resorts to flagrant military intervention outside its borders; on the other, it uses diplomacy and offers of financial and technical aid to win accomplices or undermine and weaken Africa's opposition to its inhuman policies and expansionist manoeuvres. But the regime's current military aggression in Angola, concurrently with its protestations about "detente", expose it for what it is - the worst and most dangerous enemy of the people of Africa and a serious threat to world peace and security.

The victories scored by the national liberation movement against Portuguese colonialism in Africa are a tremendous advancement of the struggle waged by all colonially-oppressed peoples and progressive mankind. We are all part and parcel of this struggle for democracy and peace. The African National Congress (South Africa) reaffirms the resolve of the oppressed and exploited people of South Africa to fight for the seizure of power and total liberation in their country, and pledges its full and unqualified support for the MPLA which, with its consistently anti-imperialist policy and record, serves the best interests of the Angolan people and seeks for them a revolutionary social transformation calculated to ensure the eradication of all colonial legacies.

The ANC calls on the OAU, the African masses, and the progressive and peace-loving peoples of the world to demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all South African fascist troops and neo-colonialist interventionists from Angola. We further appeal for all political and material support for the people of Angola, led by the MPLA, in their heroic struggle against foreign aggression.

Dar es Salaam 
October 31, 1975

(Signed) O.R. Tambo 
Acting President 
African National Congress (South Africa)