This historic joint meeting of the representatives of the national organisations of the African and Indian people, representing the Executives of the African National Congress and the South African Indian Congress, and other leaders held in Durban on this 6th day of February, 1949, expresses its regret shock and horror at the recent tragic happenings in Durban and elsewhere in Natal, during which there has been considerable loss of life and destruction of property of members of both the African and Indian communities.

This meeting extends its deep and heartfelt sympathy to the relatives of all the victims of the unhappy tragedy and to all those who have suffered.

Whatever are the immediate causes which may have precipitated the outburst, and which are receiving the attention of this meeting, this meeting is convinced that the fundamental and basic causes of the disturbances are traceable to the political, economic and social structure of this country, based on differential and discriminatory treatment of the various racial groups and the preaching in high places of racial hatred and intolerance. Any disturbances such as the recent Riots are therefore the fruits and results of such a policy as well as the responsibility of those who create and maintain such an artificial social framework.

In the light of this, this meeting calls upon our respective peoples””

(a) to view our problems in this perspective.
(b) to devise ways and means for closer co-operation and mutual understanding through their national organisations.
(c) to stand together in their fight for national liberation and their mutual political, economic and social advancement and security.

This meeting therefore directs its constituent bodies particularly the African National Congress (Natal) and the Natal Indian Congress to constitute a joint council and to establish there under local committees to advance and promote mutual understanding and goodwill among our respective peoples.

For African National Congress.
Dr. A. B. Xuma, President General.
A. W. G. Champion, President (Natal)
C. S. Ramahanoe, President (Transvaal)
R. G. Baloyi, Treasurer-General.
H. Selby Msimang, J. B. Marks, J. Malangabi, G. Makabeni, Moses M. Kotane, L. K. Ntlabati, 0. R. Tambo.

For South African Indian Congress.

Dr. G. M. Naicker, President.
A. I. Meer, Joint Hon. Secretary.
J. N. Singh, Joint Hon. Secretary.
Dr. A. H. Sader, Joint Hon. Treasurer.
George Singh, Joint Hon. Treasurer.
I. A. Cachalia, T. N. Naidoo, V. Lawrence, I. C. Meer, M. D. Naidoo,
Debi Singh, Nana Sita, Y. Cachalia, G. H. I. Pahad.

Other Indian and African leaders.

Professor D. D. T. Jabavu.
Rev. Z. R. Mahabane of the Orange Free State.
N. Mkele, Observer, All African Convention.
D. W. Moshe.
S. B. Ngcobo.
S. R. Naidoo (Cape).
T. B. Gwala.
E. O. Msimang.
A. N. Ntuli.
J. G. Mgadi.