They Killed Dulcie – Podcast series by The Daily Maverick

On 29 March 1988 five bullets ended the life of South African freedom fighter Dulcie September. She was imprisoned, driven into exile and by the 1980s she spearheaded the anti-apartheid efforts in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg from a small office in Paris. Why was she killed? What is the shadowy network that profited from her murder? Why do her killers roam free?

This is the first episode of a podcast series about Dulcie September’s life and assassination. The epic story explores the life of a struggle hero who appears to have been erased. Her murder leads us to a network of arms dealers, spies, politicians, corporations and bankers who continue to profit from her murder.

This first episode begins in Cape Town in the 1930s and ends on a staircase in Paris more than 50 years later. It sets the scene for an eight-part podcast series that winds its way around the world and ends in 2019. Episode 1 is ‘The Scene of the Crime’.

Subsequent episodes in this eight-part series will be released weekly on Daily Maverick. DM

They Killed Dulcie is made by Sound Africa and Open Secrets. The podcast draws from research by Open Secrets for the book Apartheid Guns and Money: A tale of profit.

This series is made possible through the support of our funders: the Claude Leon Foundation, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Southern Africa, Hindenburg Systems, Joffe Charitable Trust, Luminate, Open Society Foundation for Human Rights and Open Society Foundation for South Africa.

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