ABCFM: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (USA)
AG: Foreign Missions Department, General Council of the Assemblies of God, Inc (USA)
BC: Foreign Mission Board of the Bretheren in Christ of the USA and Canada (USA)
BFBS: British and Foreign Bible Society (England)
Bn: Berlin Missionary Society (Germany)
BPA: Bethal Pentacostal Assembly (USA)
BPKN: Board of the Protestant Churches in Netherlands Indies
CDBM: Cape Diocesan Board of Missions (Province of the CGH)
CMML: Christian Missions in Many Lands (England)
CN: General Board of Foreign Missions, Church of the Nazarene (USA)
CUSA: Congregational Union Church Aid and Missionary Society of South Africa (Transvaal)
DGT: Diocese of Grahamstown (Cape of Good Hope)
DKK: Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman (South Africa)
DNa: Diocese of Natal (South Africa)
DRCSA: General Mission Committee of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa (Cape of Good Hope)
DRCSAO: General Mission Committee of the Dutch Reformed Church in the Orange Free State
DRCSAT: General Mission Committee of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa, Church of the Transvaal
ECS: Board of Foreign missions of the Representative Church Council of the Episcopal Church in Scotland
FBS: Scandinavian Independent Baptist Union (Sweden)
FCS: Free Church of Scotland Foreign Mission
FMA: General Mission Board of the Free Methodist Church of North America (USA)
FMS: Finnish Missionary Society
HS: Holiness Union (Sweden)
HFMA: Hephzibah Faith Missionary Association (USA)
HM: Hermannsburg Evangelical Lutheran Missionary Society (Germany)
HUR: Board of Foreign Missions of the International Apostolic Holiness Union and the Revivalist Church
IHM: International Holiness Mission (England)
IL: Ikwezi Lamaci Mission (Natal)
Ind: Independent
LMS: London Missionary Society
MC: Trustees of MacKenzie College, Sao Paolo, Brazil (USA)
MEFB: Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church (USA)
MGB: Missionary Society of the German Baptists in Berlin
MHLF: Mission of the Hanoverian Evangelical Lutheran Free Church (Germany)
MMAN: Maritzburg Mission Association for the Diocese of Natal
Mor: Moravian Missions (International)
MorG: Mission Board of the Moravian Church (Germany)
MR: Mission Romande: Mission Board of the Free Churches of Free Switzerland
MSR: Swiss Evangelical Mission to Shangaan Tribes
NBC: Foreign Mission Board of the National Baptist Convention (USA)
NFEH: Norway’s Free Evangelical Mission to the Heathen
NMF: Norwegian Mission Union
NMS: Norwegian Missionary Society
PEMS: Paris Evangelical Missionary Society
PCSA: Native Missions Committee of the Presbyterian Church of South Africa (Cape of Good Hope)
PH: General Mission Board of the Pentecostal Holiness Church (USA)
PMMS: Primitive Methodist Missionary Society (England)
Rc: Roman Catholic Missions (International)
RM: Rhenish Missionary Society (Germany)
SA: Salvation Army (England)
SABMS: South African Baptist Missionary Society (Cape of Good Hope)
SACIM: South African Compounds and Interior Mission (Transvaal)
SAF: South African Missionary Society (Cape of Good Hope)
SAGM: South African General Mission (International)
SAM: Scandinavian Alliance Mission of North America (USA)
Sch: Norwegian Mission Church of Schreuder
SDA: General Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Denomination (USA)
SFM: Swedish Free Mission
SKM: Church of Sweden Mission
SPG: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (England)
SSJE: Cowley, Wantage and All Saints Missionary Association (England)
SvAM: Swedish Alliance Mission
UFS: Foreign Mission Committee of the United Free Church of Scotland
WMMSW: Women’s Auxiliary of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society (England)
WMS: Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society (England)
ZMD: Zululand Missionary Diocese in the Province of South Africa

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