Poet Critical Writings and Interviews Publications Date
Keorapetsi Kgositsile The word is Here: Poetry from Modern Africa   1971
    For Melba 1970
    The Present Is a Dangerous Place to Live January 1974
    To the Bitter End June 1974
    My Name is Afrika, Doubleday 1971
  Approaches to Poetry Writing   October 1994
    If I Could Sing: Selected Poems January 2002
    This Way I Salute You September 2007
Oswald Mtshali
Sounds of A Cowhide Drum, Renoster Press 1971
    Fireflames 1980
  Soweto Poetry, ed. Michael Chapman    
  Black Poetry in SA, Iowa State Univ    
Mongane Serote   Yakal ‘nKomo”, Renoster books 1972, Johannesburg
    Tsetlo, AD Donker 1974
    No Baby Must Weep, AD Donker 1975
    Third World Express, David Philip 1992
  Interview with Serote by Duncan Brown    
  In Theoria: Jounal of Social and Political Theory   October, 1992
Wopko Jensma   Sing for Our Execution, Ophir//Ravan Press 1973
    Where White is the Colour, Where Black Is the Number, Ravan Press 1974
    Have You seen My clippings 1977
Sipho Sepamla
Hurry up to it, AD Donker 1975
    The Bues is You in Me, Donker 1976
    The Soweto I Love. Collins 1977
    Children of the Earth 1983
    Selected Poems 1984
Mafika Gwala Black Writing in South Africa   1979
    Jol ‘nKomo 1978
    Behold Mama Flowers 1978
  Writing as Cultural weapon   1984
Ingoapele Madingoane   Afrika My Beginning 1979
Chris van Wyk   It is Time to Go home, AD Donker 1979
Fhazel Johennesse   The Rainmaker 1979


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