On 13 November 2001 the Director General of the Department of Foreign Affairs Mr Sipho Pityana launched the "Africa to Africa" cultural exchange programme. The project aims to forge closer cultural links between the people of South Africa and the rest of the continent by promoting democracy and building understanding through joint projects with artists and academics.

South African History Online has entered into a partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs to tour approximately 15 exhibitions using South Africa's high commissions and embassies.

BONANI AFRICA, SAHO's bi-annual photographic festival, will feature essays by South African documentary photographers with the intention to become a platform for African and international photographers working in Africa

Bonani Africa 2010

South African History Online is hosting the second BONANI AFRICA Photographic Festival to coincide with the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

The festival will showcase the work of South African Documentary photographers, contributing to and promoting the rich South African documentary photography tradition and the depth of talent of a concerned and critically engaged old and new generation of photographers.

The Festival will include the both work that is being done now as well as a series of exhibitions that traces the history of documentary photography in the country.

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