Ambassador A person who officially represents his or her government in another country.
Banish Send someone away from a place and to forbid them from coming back.
Boycott Refuse to use something or to deal with someone. If you boycott a bus, you refuse to ride on it.
Campaign A series of organised activities that are all meant to achieve a certain goal.
Character Strong personal qualities such as the ability to deal with difficult or dangerous situations.
Clan A group of families with a common forefather.
Collage A work of art in which a lot of pictures or objects are glued on a surface, like on a piece of paper.
Concentration camp A prison camp for civilians (those who are not part of the government or part of the army), usually used during a war.
Dedicated Working hard at something because it is very important to you.
Democracy A system of government in which the people have a say in who their leader is and where they all have equal rights.
Discriminate Treat somebody better or worse because of their race, gender, religion etc.
Elect Choosing something or somebody by voting for it.
Globe The planet earth.
High Treason The worst form of betraying your country, like plotting to kill your country's leader or to overthrow the government.
Human Rights One of the basic rights that everyone has to be treated fairly and not in a cruel way, especially by their government.
Inmate Person living in an institution like a prison.
Leader A person who leads a group of people, especially the head of a country, an organization, etc.
Minister 1. In religion, the leader and preacher of a Christian church.
2. In politics, the leader of a government department.
Motto A saying that expresses a principle or goal.
Persecution  Treat somebody cruelly because of their race, religion etc.
Philosophy Study of the meaning of life, knowledge, thought and how the world works.
Policy A plan of action or a set of principle used to do something.
Political Of the state or government.
Quality A thing that is part of a person’s character, especially something good.
Principle Rule that guides how you behave.
Rabbi Jewish spiritual and relgious leader.
Represent Stand for; act as a substitute for.
Republic A country which is not ruled by a king or queen, and where the citizens can choose who rules them.
Role model Somebody whose behaviour and look are imitated by others.
Sacrifice The fact of giving up something important or valuable to you in order to get or do something that seems more important; something that you give up in this way.
Treaty A contract between two countries.

Source: Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries [online], (2015) Oxford University Press

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