Communication through time, topic focuses on how communication has changed over time and how many forms of communication have stayed the same. We first learn about the oldest forms of communication, using the San people as an example. We then examine modern forms of communication from the development of a postal system right through to the cell phones that we use today.

"Communication is the ability to share information. We need communication. Communication keeps businesses and factories running. It helps people in trouble to contact police, fire departments, ambulances and doctors. Our military forces would be useless, and our government would not work without it. Transportation and food supplies would not meet the needs of the people. We would loose contact with our families and friends that live far away. There would be no radio or television stations to entertain us, or movies to see. Society would surely not be the same as it is now. Maybe someday, we will have telephones like wrist watches... or, televisions with only interactive 3D programming... or, we will have a mental connection with things so all we have to do is think, and it is done... or, computers will be able to visually connect with anyone in the world, without cameras... Only the future will tell... after all, 100's of years ago no one would have dreamed of all the things we have today". -- From 'Think Quest', Projects by Students for Students



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