National Symbols since 1994

In South Africa, we have a perse number of people and cultures, but we are all South African. National symbols such as a national flag, an anthem and a coat of arms unite the people of a country and make them proud to be a part of that country and all its achievements.

The South African Coat of Arms

The most important symbol of the state is the Coat of arms. It is stamped on several of important documents which include: your birth certificate; death certificate, school and marriage certificates. It can be seen on one side of the coins in our country. When it is stamped on important documents, it shows The State’s authority and approval.

On Freedom Day, the 27th of April 2000, South Africa got a new coat of arms. It replaced the old coat old arms which had been used since 1910. This new coat of arms represents the change in South Africa to a democracy. The words written in the Khoisan language on the new coat of arms is South Africa’s motto. The motto means Unity in persity. The other symbols also have deeper meanings.

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