Hunter-gatherers and herders in Southern Africa

1.     What is herding?

2.     Who were the first herders in southern Africa?

3.     By what other name can we call herders?

4.     Where did they come from?

5.     What does the name Khoikhoi mean?

6.     Why did European settlers call the Khoikhoi Hottentots?

7.     How was the way the Khoikhoi lived different from the way the San lived?

8.     What animals did the Khoikhoi keep?

9.     Why were their cattle so important to them?

10.   When did they eat their cattle?

11.   What work did the Khoikhoi women do?

12.   What work did the Khoikhoi men do?

13.   Why did the Khoikhoi have to have houses made of light materials?

14.   Why did the Khoikhoi move often?

15.   Why did the Khoikhoi and San make war?

16.   What effect did this war have on the two groups?

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