I was born on the 11th of September 1965. I grew up in Johannesburg in an Afrikaans family. I went to the University Of Pretoria where I obtained a BA Degree.  After my studies I was employed by the Transvaal Provincial Administration.  My work pronged me on to study further and I obtained Master's Degrees in the adult education field as well as the Public and Development Management field. 
My focus and interest in all my studies were on health, HIV/AIDS, and health promotion and my interest in health and development were fostered then. I have almost always had an interest in photography. In 2004 I entered a photo competition and came 2nd in the category 'play and the city'.  I love landscape photography and have gone on photography excursions and workshops to the country side with Fuji and Country Life magazine.  I have enlarged photos taken on these excursions and exhibited them at the Zoo Lake Artists Under the Sun Market, and other venues.  I have also printed some of my photos onto bags that I have made. I have discovered that city life is just as rewarding and interesting to photograph as landscape photography. Thank you for the opportunity to present my work to you, ag I mean my hobby.   
I love photography as a means to express my artistic side, as a means to reflect what I see, of what is going on around me, and as a way of showing appreciation of what I see, be it humorous, a question, a statement or appreciation. 

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