Mads Nørgaard, born in Denmark in 1987, is a photographer educated and living in South Africa. Mads has integrated himself into South African life and works as a freelance documentary photographer. While studying his National Diploma in Photography at CityVarsity, where he emerged top of his class.

Whether he is documenting the opening of parliament or the night train to Khayelitsha, the inevitable awkwardness that comes from having a foreigner in one's space, is circumvented by the relationship building Mads does before even introducing his camera.

This relationship does not always end after the photograph is taken. As in the case of Joining Hands Street Committee in Tafelsig, Mitchell's Plain. Mads used the photographs from the work done in the area to build a homepage. This led to sponsorship and investment in the children and neighbourhood of the two streets in Tafelsig. View more work by Mads Nørgaard on his website - or via

Mads is also an invested open source software developer.

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