1920 - 1929

February, Gandhi: Second week, (Bardoli). Five days' fast in connection with Chauri Chaura incident.
November 9-13, Gandhi: (Bombay). Five days' fast following rioting and bloodshed on occasion of Prince of Wales' visit.
March 10, Gandhi: Arrested at 10.30 in the evening near the Sabarmati Ashram while proceeding in a car. Lodged in Sabarmati Prison; pleaded guilty to charge of sedition for writing three articles in Young India. The articles were: "Tampering with Loyalty" (September 27, 1921), "A Puzzle and its Solution" (December 15, 1921), and (3) "Shaking the Manes" (February 22, 1922.) Sentenced to six years' imprisonment by Mr. Justice Broomfield. Released from Yeravda Prison after an operation in Sassoon Hospital on February 5, 1924.
September 18, Gandhi: (Delhi). Twenty-one days' fast as a penance for Hindu-Muslim riots and a prayer for unity.
November 24, Gandhi: (Sabarmati). Seven days' fast for lapses among ashram inmates.
March 4, Gandhi: Arrested in Calcutta for defying Police Commissioner's order and lighting bonfire of foreign cloth at Mirzapur Park. Released on bail the same night and left for tour of Burma next morning. On return was tried in Calcutta and sentenced to pay a fine of Re. 1/- on March 26. Somebody paid the fine without Gandhi's knowledge and consent.

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