Oath of office as sworn by President Nelson Mandela at his inauguration

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Oath of office as sworn by President Nelson Mandela at his inauguration

Pretoria, 10 May 1994

In the presence of those assembled here and in full realisation of the high
calling I assume as Executive President in the service of the Republic of South
Africa I, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, do hereby swear to be faithful to the
Republic of South Africa, and do solemnly and sincerely promise at all times to
promote that which will advance and to oppose all that may harm the Republic; to
obey, observe, uphold and maintain the Constitution and all other Laws of the
Republic; to discharge my duties with all my strength and talents to the best of
my knowledge and ability and true to the dictates of my conscience; to do
justice to all; and to devote myself to the well-being of the Republic and all
its people.

So help me God.


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