The South African Labour Party (SALP)

The South African Party (SAP)

The South African National Party (SANP)

Hersigte Nasionale Party (HNP)

The Unionist Party

The United Party (UP)

The Conservative Party

African National Congress (ANC)

National Party (NP)

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)

Freedom Front (FF)

Democratic Party (DP)

Pan Africanist Congress (PAC)

African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)

Africa Muslim Party (AMP)

African Moderates Congress Party (AMC)

Dikwankwetla Party of SA

Federal Party (FP)

Minority Front (MF)


African Democratic Movement (ADM)

Women's Rights Peace Party (WRPP)

Ximoko Progressive Party (XPP)

Keep it Straight and Simple (KISS)

Workers' List Party (WLP)

Luso-SA Party

Labour Part (LP)

Unionist Party (UP)

Purified National Party (PNP)

Afrikaner Party (AP)

Progressive Party (PP)

National Union Party (NUP)

New Republic Party (NRP)

Progressive Federal Party (PFP)

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