Who is SAAAH?


The South African Association of Art Historians (SAAAH), founded in 1984, is the major professional association of art historians in this country. Its aim is to advance art and architectural history in South Africa, and to promote and uphold the status of the profession in the fields of history, theory and criticism of art and architecture by:

  • promoting research
  • encouraging liaison and discussion
  • acting as a co-ordinating body

participating in educational and cultural initiatives in the broader community
The SAAAH is committed to the pursuit of these aims for the South African community as a whole. The Association rejects all forms of discrimination.


Eligibility for membership Ӣ Becoming a member

Eligibility for Membership

Any person or institution supporting the aims of the Association can qualify for membership of the Association in accordance with the following categories and conditions below:


Any person holding a degree or other tertiary certificate with a three year qualification in Art History or Architectural History shall be eligible for membership and such other persons as the Council may consider eligible. Ordinary members have voting rights and may serve on the Council, Committees of the Council or Regional Committees. Ordinary members forfeit their membership upon death or by giving written notice of resignation or by being twelve months in arrears with subscription fees or if their membership is cancelled by resolution of the Council. In the last three cases mentioned, the member may re-apply for membership in the following year.


Any institution concerned with the advancement of Art History or Architectural History may apply to the Council for institutional membership. Institutional members do not have voting rights.


Any student or scholar supporting the aims of the Association may apply for membership. Student members have no voting rights, but may be co-opted to serve on the Council or on Regional Committees. On completion of a first degree, students should take up ordinary membership. Under certain circumstances, however, special concession for an extension of student membership maybe considered by Council. Application for such extension must be put to Council in writing.


Honorary members shall be persons whom the Association specially desires to honour in recognition of their exceptional services to Art and Architectural History in South Africa. There shall normally be a maximum of five Honorary Members. A nomination for Honorary Membership, accompanied by a written motivation and signed by at least five ordinary members may be submitted to the Council for consideration and decision. Honorary Members possess all the rights of ordinary members, but shall not be liable for annual subscriptions.


Ordinary members may obtain Life Membership on payment of a single fee, determined by Council. Such payment will exempt the member from further liabilities or subscriptions, but will not alter his or her status as an ordinary member.


Affiliated members are those who are interested in the aims and activities of the Association, but who have no tertiary qualification in art or architectural history. Such members have voting rights and their membership fee is the same as for ordinary members.

Becoming a member

In order to become a member, you should contact:

Karen von Veh SAAAH
Membership Secretary
P.O. Box 233 Melville 2109
e-mail: karenvv@twrinet.twr.ac.za

Fees are:

Ordinary member: R 60.00
Institutional member: R 100.00
Student member: R 20.00
Life member: R 600.00
Affiliated member: R 60.00

Cheques should be made out to the SAAAH.

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