27 October 1990
The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) was re-established at Orlando stadium in Soweto after an absence of thirty years from the political arena in South Africa. The Youth League was effected through the amalgamation of two youth structures, the South African Youth Congress (SAYCO) and the ANC Youth Section, which had operated in exile. The Provisional National Youth Committee (PNYC) and the National Youth Secretariat (PNYS) were set up to spearhead the rebuilding process of the Youth League nationwide. Their main responsibilities was to receive reports from all departments at the Head Office of the ANCYL, addressing developments related to the rebuilding of the Youth League and strategising a way forward. The Youth League was mainly tasked to mobilise all sectors of the youth into active participation in the struggle to achieve democracy in South Africa. To achieve this gaol the ANCYL established contacts with various youth and student organisations locally and abroad, embarked on recruitment drives in high schools and tertiary institutions, and set-up different departments and committees to appeal to different sectors of the youth. The rebuilding of the Youth League was seen as a rebuilding of the African National Congress (ANC) itself.

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