4 November 1893
The flag of the British South Africa Company (BSAC) or Chartered Company was hoisted in Bulawayo, the Matabele capital, after the Company's forces, led by Major Patrick Forbes, drove the native Ndebele from the town. The flag consisted of a Union Jack emblazoned with the BSAC badge in the centre. A mining concession had been obtained from Chief Lobengula in 1888 and the BSAC, under Cecil John Rhodes, succeeded in founding and colonising Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) after the power of the Matabele was broken. Sources: http://www.netlinkit.dk/FOTW/flags/zw-hist.html http://concise.britannica.com/ebc/article-9376845/Cecil-Rhodes Potgieter, D.J. et al. (eds)(1970). Standard Encyclopaedia of Southern Africa, Cape Town: NASOU, v. 3, p. 169.