21 August 1998
A 25 year-old tour guide and student from Mangosuthu Technical College in Durban, Charles Swart,was attacked bya hungry leopardon the bridge crossing the Matjulu River near Malelane Camp,the Kruger National Park. The young Swart was guiding 12 visitors when the incident occurred. The animal mauled Swart despite the tourists' attempt to chase it off by shining lights and shouting at it. After failing to scare the leopard off, the tourists went to the nearby camp to ask for help. Armed rangers trailed and shot the animal while it was still feeding on Swart's body.The attacks by bigs cats on humans were largely blamed on Mozambicans who try to cross the park to find a better life in South Africa as they make easy targets. In 2010, the Bengal tiger Panjo escaped from his owner's bakkie. He was found two days later after an extensive search in an area between Bronkhorstspruit and Groblersdal. Panjo’s owner Justin Fernandes thanked the dog, Zingela, as well as everyone else who helped in the search, particularly Johnson Mhlanga, a tracker considered to be the best in Africa.  
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