10 November 2005
Reports were made that two mass graves were found at a former South African Defence Force base, Eenhana, in northern Namibia. Construction workers discovered the first mass grave containing human bones and ammunition 400 metres from the former military base on 9 November. The second grave was discovered the next day near the base's airstrip, it contained human remains. The bones were suspected to be those of South West African People's Organisation fighters who may have been killed in the so-called nine-day war  near the end of South Africa's occupation of Namibia, which ended in 1990. It was not known how many bodies the grave contained. Constand Viljoen, who was chief of the army from 1977 to 1985, reacted to the finding by saying that it was impossible for well-disciplined South African troops to have buried guerrillas in mass graves, as dealing with any bodies had been a function of the South West African police.

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