Cruel murder of Dora Bloch

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Wednesday, 7 July 1976

Dora Bloch, one of the elderly British hostages of hijacked Flight 139 (an Air France A-300B Airbus, hijacked from Athens on 26 June) was reported as still missing. Bloch, a 74-year-old woman with dual British and Israeli citizenship, was taken to hospital in Uganda after some food got stuck in her throat. She was left behind in Mulago National Hospital when the Israeli commandos raided the airport and extricated all the hostages, including Bloch's deeply concerned son. His concerns were justified as Idi Amin vented his rage on fellow Ugandans and Bloch. It later became known that shortly after the raid she was dragged from her hospital bed by two Ugandan army officers close to Amin and murdered, as retaliation for the Israeli raid on Palestine on 3 July. Her remains were discovered years later. Amin had strong ties with the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).


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