Jack Parow, the Afrikaans rap artist is born

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Monday, 22 February 1982

Zander Tyler, stage name Jack Parow was born in Parow, Cape Town on 22 February 1982.[i] He is one of the most popular Afrikaans hip hop artists in South Africa.[ii] His breakthrough single was the song “Cooler as Ekke” in late 2009,[iii] and has released four studio albums since then. Namely “Jack Parow” in 2009; “Eksie Ou” in 2011; “Nag Van Die Lang Pette” in 2014, and lastly “Die Hoe Ons Rol” in 2016. His second album “Eksie Ou” was released by his own label Parowphernalia, and include the hit singles “Hosh Tokolosh” and “Hard Partyjie Hou”.[iv] He has also released two EP’s, the first being “Cooler as Ekke” in 2009 and the other being “From Parow with Love” in 2016. Theunis Engelbrecht also wrote a biography on Jack Parow’s life titled “Die Ou Met die Snor by die Bar”. Jack Parow also produced a television series called “Die Hoe Ons Rol”, which aired on the local television channel KykNet. He has also produced his own brandy, called “Parow Brandy”. Apart from music, Jack Parow has featured in a few local films, such as Schuks! Your Country Needs You; Babalas; and Welcome To Parowdise.[v] He has also often collaborated with other Afrikaans artists to the likes of Die Heuwels Fantasies; Die Antwoord; and Fokofpolisiekar.[vi]

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