21 October 2016
On 21 October 1986 Jacob  Thabo Lengane, the father of Jefferson Lengane and  Kabelo Lengane, who were well known for their involvement in political activities, was found dead with a bullet wound in his head, near to Community centre in Moletsane township, Soweto.  Mr Lengane was murdered after being kidnapped from his Soweto home by a group of armed men the night before his death. The incident occurred two days after the killing of Soweto Youth Congress (Soyco) member, Masabata Loate, who was killed by a group of about 20 men. Another son of Thabo Lengane, Kalelo Legane, voiced his suspicions that he suspected that the killing was politically motivated. Although both the Azanian People’s Organisation and the United Democratic Movement expressed shock at the killing, there were speculations that the death was caused by the conflict between these two parties.

Saldru clipping collection, ‘Shock at murder of activists father’, Black Politics 1986f