7 June 1953
Johnny Clegg was born in England in 1953 to an English father and a Zimbabwean mother. He left England for Zimbabwe where he lived until the age of seven. He and his mother immigrated to South Africa following her marriage to a South African Journalist. Owing to his step father’s job as a crime reporter, Clegg became exposed to township life when he would accompany him on assignments. It was at this stage that Clegg met Sipho Mchunu, the man who would later become his music partner. Clegg and Mchunu formed the band Juluka ,producing a blend on traditional Zulu and  pop music. Sadly the music could not receive airplay because of censorship since the apartheid law forbade mixed music and mixed race public performances. Juluka split in 1985 and Clegg formed another band, Savuka, which disbanded in 1993. Clegg is currently pursuing a solo career. In 2011 he celebrated 30 years in the music industry with a world tour.

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