14 December 1895
Albert Frederick Arthur George who later became King George IV was born at York Cottage in Norfolk on 14 December 1895. George ascended the English throne following his brother, Prince Edward's abdication on 12 December 1936. George who was the Duke of York and his wife Elizabeth the Duchess of York were crowned as King George VI. At the end of the World War II, King George who had become part of the British's symbol of resistance extended his popularity to the Commonwealth states including South Africa. In 1947, as South Africa was preparing for the elections in 1948, King George and his family visited South Africa and other Commonwealth states. General Jan Smuts, leader of the United Party (UP) and South Africa's war time premier, hoped to use the royal visit to garner support for the UP in the upcoming elections. Smuts and the UP lost the elections to Malan's Nationalist Party (NP), making way for the introduction of Apartheid. Princess Elizabeth who later became the Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 21st birthday while visiting the country. King George was not the first and last person from the British Royal house to visit South Africa. In 1925 the Price of Wales visited South Africa, more recently Queen Elizabeth II visited South Africa in 1995 and again in 1999.

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