13 July 1947
The Tamil Benefit Society presents a memorandum on poor housing conditions in Pageview, Johannesburg, and the need for housing schemes for poorer Indians to the Minister of the Interior. Fietas ,as the Pageview community was popularly known, was one of the oldest communities in Johannesburg and was one of the first 'locations' (non-white areas) established under the government of Paul Kruger in 1893. In its heyday between 1945 and 1960, Fietas was an integrated community not unlike District Six in Cape Town and Sophiatown in Johannesburg's Western Areas. Like District Six and Sophiatown, it was destroyed by the Group Areas Act from the 1960s, leading to fierce resistance that continued into the 1980s.

Fietas, Pageview, Johannesburg. Website: sahistory.org.za