15 July 1856
On 15 July 1856, Natal Colony (now known as Kwazulu Natal) was formally separated from the Cape Colony by means of the Charter of Natal. The Cape Governor still held the position of the High Commissioner, but the Lieutenant-Governor of Natal would not report directly to him. The Colony would have limited self-government through a partly elected Legislative Council. Ten years later, in 1866, Natal invaded a portion of the Mpondo Paramount, Chief Faku’s No Man’s Land which was located between the Mzimkhulu and Mtamvuna rivers. The rest of No Man’s Land was later to become part of the Cape Colony, known as Griqualand East. In 1884, Natal occupied Port St Johns on the same day that the Cape attempted to occupy it – Natal later conceded the estuary to the Cape. References: Anon, (n.d.), ‘Colony of Natal’from Geocities [online] Available at www.oocities.org[Accessed: 10 June 2011] Anon, (n.d.), ‘1. THE HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE SUPREME COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA’from The Justice Department Republic of South Africa [online] Available at www.justice.gov.za[Accessed: 06 July 2011] Anon, (n.d.), ‘What happened on July 15’from Dates In History [online] Available at www.datesinhistory.com[Accessed: 06 July 2011]