24 January 1960
On 24 January 1960, nine policemen were killed by an angry mob at Cato Manor in Durban. The incident happened after a raid by police searching for illicit liquor. This was at a time when the policemen would attempt to forcefully remove black people from Cato Manor, an area inhabited by both Africans and Indians.

Tensions were high and the police were met with strong resistence. The police attempted to escape, but were overwhelmed by the group. Among those killed were four White policemen and five Black policemen. This is believed to be the highest number of police killed in a single incident. An emergency meeting was held in the House of Assembly where the Minister of Justice, Mr. Erasmus refused to appoint a judicial commission of inquiry into the rioting.

The incident happened a few weeks before the Sharpeville massacre, where 69 people were killed when police opened fire on protesters, with scores left injured.

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