12 July 1988
The Star reported that two men, Elliot Nkuma and Joseph Mahlalela were sentenced to death for the necklace murder of M. Mpapne that took place in 1986. The state argued its case on the alleged evidence that the two were the ring-leaders of a mob that took Mpapne to an open field, poured petrol over him and placed a tyre around his body before setting him alight. Despite the fact that the murder was argued by the defence as the collective responsibility of the mob, Nkuma and Mahlalela were sentenced to death. However, these two successfully applied for leave to appeal against their convictions and sentences, and to reopen their case in order for the courts to hear new evidence, which could have an effect on the outcome of it. Source: South African Institute of Race Relations. (1989). Race Relations Survey 1988/89, Johannesburg: South African Institute of Race Relations, p. 577.