4 August 1996
A march organised by the Cape Town-based Muslim organisation, People against Gangsterism and Drugs (PAGAD), resulted in the killing of a highly suspected drug dealer, Rashaad Staggie, leader of the Hard Livings gang. Staggie was set alight by the group and eventually shot dead. PAGAD spokesperson later claimed that it was not their intention to kill him, they wanted to hand over an Ultimatum to end the sale of drugs in Cape Town to Staggie and his brother Rashied. In spite of the claim that the people, accompanied by a motorcade of some 500 vehicles, wanted only to warn him, it became apparent later that their intention was to end his life. PAGAD also claimed overwhelming support on grass-roots level for their intention to curb the drug trade in Cape Town. However, others believed PAGAD was behind the selling of drugs and wanted to remove those deemed stumbling blocks, like Staggie. In 2002, Abdus-Salaam Ebrahim, Pagad security chief Salie Abader, a former spiritual leader of Pagad, Abdur-Razaak Ebrahim, and Pagad member Moegsien Mohamed were acquitted of involvement in the public lynching of Staggie, but were found guilty of public violence.

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